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  • Karen B. Speakman, Executive Director


  • Connie Harrington, Finance Director
  • Kimberly Weston, Administrative Assistant (Dover)
  • Norissa Sears, Administrative Assistant (Georgetown)
  • Esther Nesbella, Administrative Assistant (Dover)
  • Ulla Moore, Finance Assistant


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Housing Counseling

  • Denise R. Freeman, Consumer Services Program Director
  • Sharon Y. Cephas, Homeownership Specialist, HUD Certified
  • Tomeka Crawford, Homeownership Specialist, HUD Certified
  • Dorothy Sharpe, Homeownership Specialist, HUD Certified
  • Stephanie Winder, Homeownership Specialist, HUD Certified
  • Chris Fernandez, Homeownership Specialist
  • Andrea Johnson, Intake Specialist

Foreclosure Prevention

  • James Burke, Program Coordinator / Home Preservation Coordinator, HUD Certified
  • Sabrina Bryant, Home Preservation Specialist, HUD Certified
  • Lynn Wiley, Home Preservation Specialist, HUD Certified

Financial Education

  • Denise R. Freeman, Consumer Services Program Director
  • Camille Moman, Program Administrator
  • Jose Martinez, $tand By Me Coordinator/Financial Coach
  • Dalila Blanchard, Financial Coach
  • Nathaniel Horsey, Financial Coach
  • Jennifer Cholewa, Financial Coach

Real Estate Development

  • Patricia Kelleher, Real Estate Development Director
  • Maggie Cook-Pleasant, Housing Development Specialist
  • Philip Hoffert, Housing Development Specialist

Self-Help Housing

  • Jill Lordan, Self-Help Housing Director
  • Frank Datillo, Self-Help Housing Specialist
  • Rebeca Dennis, Self-Help Housing Specialist
  • Tina Dahmer, Self-Help Housing Specialist
  • Phyllis Rosica, Executive Assistant/Analyst

Loan Fund

  • Karen Kollias, Loan Fund Director
  • Dave Callahan, Loan Fund Manager
  • Derrick Southard, Loan Officer
  • Vincent Episcopo, Loan Officer
  • Sterling Doughty, Loan Fund Servicer

Restoring Central Dover

  • Will Grimes, Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator
  • Chanda Jackson, Community Engagement Specialist
  • Rona Harris, Opioid Outreach Specialist

Resource Development

  • Marianne Gellman, Resource Development Director
  • Jennifer Lawson, Communications and Marketing Specialist

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