Responding to Community Housing Needs

Message from the Director

Dear Friends
Joe L. Myer, Executive Director

2012 was a year that combined significant outcomes, new growth, and some sadness.

We were sad to lose long-time NCALL supporter and affordable housing advocate Roland R. Ridgeway last June. Yet, we were encouraged by new leadership and officers championing NCALL. Three new Board members joined us this year assuring quality governance.

Our labors resulted in new homeowners, foreclosures prevented, financial training, apartments developed, new and replacement self-help grantees, and a strong community development lending presence. Please view the list of accomplishments on the opposite page to glean a sense of NCALL’s impact. And then read the inspiring stories articulating what NCALL’s assistance meant to families and nonprofits served.

Amidst a bleak economic backdrop, NCALL grew in capacity and our services bridged gaps for more than 2,000 people. The Loan Fund secured $7.5 million in capital resources this year which is available to lend to nonprofit borrowers throughout Delmarva. Deployment of $4.7 million to nine different borrowers in 2012 evidences the importance of this resource. NCALL was selected by the Delaware Financial Empowerment Partnership to administer Stand By Me financial coaching in Kent County, Delaware. This new initiative enables NCALL to offer services to new venues and populations throughout the county. And so NCALL continues to fill voids in services and resources.

As part of the NeighborWorks America network of excellence, a comprehensive Program Review was conducted of NCALL in May. The review evaluated all aspects of the organization including Governance, Personnel, Planning, Management, Financial Health, Production, Policies, and Operating Systems. NCALL exceeded all evaluation criteria and the report’s “Conclusion” is shared on the back cover. Once again, NCALL maintained its “Exemplary” rating from NeighborWorks America for 2012.

For 2013, the federal budget deficit, the economy, and tight state budgets all remain a challenge as we navigate a path through this murky environment. We deeply appreciate our relationships with you as friends, partners, customers, and stakeholders – you make our work possible. It is a privilege to work together for such a noble mission.

Please take a look at our latest Annual Report to view the impact and value of NCALL's work in 2012 and since the inception of our housing mission in 1976.

We deeply appreciate our relationships with friends, partners, and stakeholders such as you which help make this work possible. It is truly a privilege to work together for such a noble mission.

Should you ever have questions or concerns, please call me directly at 302-678-9400, ext.112 or email.


Joe L. Myer
Executive Director