Foreclosure Prevention

Overcoming hardships to save homes and stabilize families

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NCALL offers a lifeline to households caught in this country's foreclosure crisis by offering default and foreclosure prevention counseling.

Foreclosure Prevention

NCALL helps households by reviewing the family's financial situation and what options are available for their situation.

There is simply not just one solution.

Every positive foreclosure prevention outcome means a family will not have to begin their housing journey over, often saving them from financial ruin.

Remaining in their homes positively impacts every member of the household, their neighborhoods, and the community at large.

NCALL offers households an impartial review of the options available for preserving their home.

The possibility of a loan modification or other workout solution with the mortgage lender is examined as well as what other options the family has such as refinancing, applying for a Delaware Mortgage Assistance Program (DEMAP) loan, selling their house, etc.

The federal government's Making Home Affordable website contains additional information regarding default and foreclosure prevention options. With NCALL's assistance, families are empowered to make informed decisions about their housing future.

Sign up for an NCALL Foreclosure Prevention workshop today! One is held monthly at NCALL's Dover and Georgetown offices. Do not delay - the sooner you seek assistance, the better your chances are for saving your home. So don't wait to contact NCALL - a Counselor is available to help you. Download and complete the intake form and bring it with you to the workshop.

Delaware Mortgage Mediations: Households that have already received a foreclosure notice can turn to NCALL for help in navigating the mediation process. Please contact us immediately for optimal assistance prior to the mediation hearing.

NCALL also encourages our customers to attend NCALL's financial education classes. These classes help families learn how to manage and improve their finances. Classes include training on banking, checking and savings, credit scores, debt reduction, taxes, insurances, loans, and predatory lending.

NCALL is a HUD certified Housing Counseling agency and NCALL's counselors are certified in Foreclosure Prevention.

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Foreclosure Prevention Counseling is provided primarily to residents of Delaware. For the convenience of our customers, NCALL has offices in Dover, Newark, and Georgetown.