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Financial Literacy Program

Program Description

NCALLís Growing Your Money Financial Literacy Program provides households seeking improved housing and financial management goals and the planning skills needed to succeed. The workshop sessions are designed to assist the participants with debt and credit problems by giving them the tools they need to overcome their financial difficulties. The Growing Your Money five-week classes are held on a continuing basis in each county. Classes are offered at convenient times to accommodate various client schedules.

Growing Your Money 2012 Statistics

Graduates: 310
Graduates who achieved homeownership: 21
Minority Households: 58%
Low Income: 82%
(Below 80% of Median)

$tand By Me Financial Coaching 2012 Statistics*

Coaching appointments held: 153
Credit reports pulled: 145
Female coaching customers: 57%
Male coaching customers: 41%
*4 months

Utilizing Fannie Maeís Growing Your Money curriculum, an NCALL counselor educates the participants in financial management. The classes cover developing a spending plan, checking and savings accounts, understanding credit and credit reports, insurance, tax preparation, loans and predatory lending. Each participant is expected to monitor and track their spending during the five week period. Participant activities are utilized throughout the course such as a discussion about wants vs. needs and values and how they affect financial goals. Each participant establishes an Action Plan that lists their current and future goals for obtaining homeownership and beyond. Upon completion of the class, each participant is referred back to their counselor who monitors their Action Plan and assists them in preparing for a home purchase or other housing goal.

NCALL is a member of NeighborWorks Americaís Financial Fitness effort and is a HUD certified Housing Counseling agency. All of NCALLís counselors are Certified Homeownership Counselors and have specialized training in Financial Fitness. For the convenience of our clients, NCALL has offices in Dover, Newark, and Georgetown.

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Growing Your Money

A Personal Financial Tool

So you want to take control of your financial future? Here is how to get started

Class 1: Developing a Spending Plan
  • Develop financial goals
  • Develop a spending plan
  • Use your spending plan to meet your financial needs and goals
Class 2: Working With Checking and Savings Accounts
  • The purpose and benefits of checking and savings accounts
  • The procedure to open an account
  • Activities involved in using and managing an account
Class 3: Understanding Credit and Your Credit Report
  • The purpose of credit
  • The importance of your credit history
  • How to read and analyze your credit report
  • Steps you can take to correct errors on your credit report
  • Steps you can take to create, maintain, and reestablish your credit history
Class 4: What You Need to Know About Taxes and Insurance
  • Income tax forms
  • Tax credits and deductions
  • Earned income tax credit
  • How to protect your assets (renter's and homeowner's insurance)
  • Health, life and auto insurance
Class 5: Getting a Loan
  • Different types of financial institutions
  • The lending process
  • Completing a loan application
  • Evaluating loans rates, fees, and terms
  • Ways to avoid predatory lending

Growing Your Money is a ten hour Certificate Program. The program is offered in five two-hour classes. Day time and evening classes offered in Newark, Dover and Georgetown.

Watch Your Money Grow!

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