Responding to Community Housing Needs

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Accomack-Northampton Regional Housing Authority

There is a disproportionate number of low income families on the Eastern Shore of Virginia compared to the state. Accomack-Northampton Regional Housing Authority (ANRHA) is working to help create solutions for this problem. Upon completion, the new and improved Mill Run Apartments will provide 26 units of affordable rental housing to this impoverished community. Twelve of these duplexes are new and 14 are being renovated. The renovations are being done on the original Mill Run Apartments which were built in 1995. In addition, an expanded community room and a maintenance office are being added.

According to David Annis, Director of Housing Development for the ANPDC, "There has been no question that this project is filling a desperate need. Families show up to the construction site to apply for housing. The units were rented up long before Mill Run was completed and we have a pretty huge waiting list."

Chandler Heights

In 1972, when Better Homes of Seaford’s (BHS) Chandler Heights was developed, it was the first affordable housing complex in Seaford, Delaware. By 2004, the 12 buildings that make up the Chandler Heights community needed an update. Structurally, the 91-unit complex was still sound, but all of the systems were outdated. The renovations were completed in 2008.

“NCALL is best at completing the detailed financing applications for our developments. They have been our partner since 1990 and have helped us develop each of our apartment communities,” said Mr. Bill Roupp, BHS's Executive Director.

Greenbriar Court

In 2004, the development of Snow Hill Citizens for Decent Housing's Greenbriar Court in Snow Hill, Maryland was completed. The community consists of 24 housing units and a community room for resident activities.

Charleston Place

In 2005, the development of Better Homes of Seaford's Charleston Place in Seaford, Delaware was completed. The community consists of 11 units of elderly housing and rehabilitated a former sewing factory.

Elizabeth Cornish Landing

In 2005, the development of Delmarva Rural Ministries' Elizabeth Cornish Annex and Elizabeth Cornish Landing Phase II in Bridgeville, Delaware was completed. These phases of housing consist of 12 units of family and 16 units of migrant farmworker housing.

Old Landing II

In 2007, the development of Old Landing II, a Low Income Housing Tax Credit complex sponsored by Millsboro Housing for Progress, Inc. (MHP) was completed. The development is a 30-unit complex, consisting of 6 one bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units, and 12 three-bedroom units. It also has a community building which offers services to residents. It was 100% occupied as of July 2007. Not only did NCALL provide the technical assistance and financial packaging for this community, but MHP received permanent financing through NCALL’s Loan Fund as well. This community won the 2008 National Housing Tax Credit Award for rural housing.

“Without the assistance from NCALL, this community, as well as all of our developments, could not have happened,” states MHP Board Member Elva D. Allen.

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