Responding to Community Housing Needs

Foreclosure Prevention

In 2010, foreclosures in Delaware were at an all time high with 6,457 filings. That same year 1,876 families lost their homes in sheriff sales for a variety of reasons, including unemployment, underemployment, and unscrupulous mortgage practices by lenders.

NCALL offers a lifeline to individuals caught in this country’s crisis. Our Foreclosure Prevention services are growing by leaps and bounds. Every positive outcome means a family won’t have to begin their housing journey over, often saving them from financial ruin. Families remaining in their homes positively impacts every member of the family and their neighborhoods and communities.

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Foreclosure Prevention 2012 Statistics

Inquiries: 627
Workshop Attendees: 461
Households Counseled: 862
Positive Resolutions: 147
Clients Awaiting a Loan Modification Decision: 416
Mortgages Saved: $23,573,536

NCALL assists the families by ascertaining the reason for delinquency or default and the family's financial situation. The possibility of a loan modification or other workout solution with the mortgage lender is examined as well as what other options the family has, such as refinancing, applying for a Delaware Mortgage Assistance Program (DEMAP) loan, selling their house, etc. There is simply not just one solution.

NCALL also encourages families to attend NCALL's five week, financial literacy course, Growing Your Money. This course helps families learn how to manage and improve their finances. It includes training on banking, checking and savings, credit scores, and debt reduction, taxes, insurances, loans, and predatory lending.

Karen Speakman, NCALL's Deputy Director has advice for any family who is becoming delinquent in their mortgage payments,

"Do not wait to ask for help. The sooner this crisis is faced and dealt with, the better. Don't bury your head in the sand and think this problem will go away – it won't. Too often families wait too long and come to NCALL when facing a sheriff's sale of their house. Then it is too late for us to help them.”

So don't wait to call NCALL – we are available to assist you.

HUD's Making Home Affordable website contains additional information regarding default and foreclosure prevention.

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Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

NCALL's Counseling Process

  1. Attend the Home Preservation Workshop.
  2. Call NCALL at (302) 678-9400 to register for a seat.

  3. Meet with an Intake Counselor.
  4. For this session, please see the Client Checklist below. To insure that we are able to make the one-on-one intake counseling session effective and efficient, please be on time and bring a copy of all the listed items below.

    Client Checklist
    Personal Information
    1. Tax Information (W-2s and 1040) 2 to 3 years
    2. Verification of Income (Pay stubs, SSI, Disability, Child Support, etc.)
    3. Budget
    4. Bank Statements
    5. Fee of $15.00 single/ $30.00 joint for Tri-Merge Credit Report, includes credit scores
    6. Hardship Letter
    7. Additional credit information (verification, payoff letters, and alternative docs)
    Mortgage Information
    1. Loan Application
    2. Mortgage
    3. Note & Riders
    4. Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs
    5. Truth In Lending Disclosure
    6. HUD-1 Settlement Statement
    7. Letter of Commitment
    8. Late Notices
    9. Legal Documents (attorney letters, foreclosure documents, sheriff sale notices, etc.)
    10. Correspondence with Lender(s)
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