2012 Financial Education Success Stories

Financial education empowers people to take control of their finances rather than being controlled by them.

NCALL’s Growing Your Money series of five financial classes accomplishes this for homeownership, foreclosure prevention, and public housing customers. NCALL’s innovative $tand By Me initiative in Kent County through the Delaware Financial Empowerment Partnership provides financial coaching opportunities at venues throughout the county. The coaching enables people to establish their goal and work towards it using resources provided through their NCALL coach.

In early October, Thomas was awakened by the sound of a fire alarm and the smell of smoke. Although he made it out of his attic apartment unhurt, he lost all of his possessions in the fire that destroyed the historic Cheswold home.

When his employer, Dover Downs, discovered that he had been living in his car for a few days, they referred him to NCALL’s on-location office for financial coaching assistance. One of NCALL’s Financial Coaches met with Thomas and provided him with a list of contacts to help with clothing and shelter.

Financial Education Success Story

According to Thomas, “My coach was great. He was always on point with his advice and gave me avenues to move forward.”

As a prep chef at Dover Downs, Thomas had applied for assistance to Dover Downs’ Rainy Day Fund for employees experiencing hardships, but was turned down due to his short tenure with the company. His coach helped him request reconsideration due to his extenuating circumstances. Upon receipt, Dover Downs overturned their decision and approved assistance for Thomas.

Thomas is using this money to start over. He put a deposit down on an apartment and is very frugal with his money.

“My dream job is to be a DJ. I was working in that field part-time before the fire, but my equipment was destroyed in the fire. So, I have to start over. This has been a tough time for me, but my NCALL coach has really been a great mentor. He’s given me inspiration to move forward. I don’t have the funds right now to replace my DJ equipment, but I haven’t given up on my dream.”

His next goal is to work on saving up an emergency fund.

Krysten is another happy NCALL customer. She came to us after hearing about NCALL’s services at an employee meeting.

Krysten saw a medical collection on her credit report that she had not recognized, but was unsure what to do about it. NCALL ran her credit report, which was very good with the exception of three medical collections that were not hers.

“My coach told me to write letters to the reporting agencies. He told me what to write to dispute the charges. All three collections were removed and my credit rating went way up! My coach was so friendly and efficient, always answering all of my questions.”

Now Krysten has other goals that she wants NCALL to help her with. She is on her way to being debt free and wants to start saving up for her life goals—a home, a new car and maybe even graduate school to get her MBA degree.

Financial Education Success Story

Financial Education

NCALL offers money management assistance through $tand by ME® financial coaching at various employment centers and higher education sites.

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