2012 Foreclosure Prevention Success Story

Eva had always been an independent woman.

She was in the military, has put herself through school and bought her own home. After years working two jobs, in retail and the hotel industry in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, her hours were cut back at the store where she worked. She tried to pick up additional hours at the hotel to make ends meet, but the lagging economy meant fewer hours, not extra pay.

Eva cut back on expenses as far as she could, but began falling behind on her bills. As the mother of an adult autistic son, things got worse for her when assistance was eliminated for his care.

Eva called NCALL once she knew she couldn’t keep up with her bills. She met with one of our Foreclosure Prevention counselors.

According to Eva, “They did such a good job helping me with everything. They taught me about budgeting and money management.
I learned to keep my receipts and save money where possible.”

Foreclosure Prevention Success Story

One piece of advice from NCALL really paid off for Eva. She needed to increase her income in order to keep her home. With no extra retail or hotel work in sight, Eva put her skills to work and opened her own business. The Sewing Company is located above an antique store in Milton, Delaware. She restores quilts, rugs, upholstery, and does alterations. Her business is her passion now. Eva is overjoyed to finally have a career that she truly loves.

“My business is really blessed,” she said. “I also learned to budget and use what you have. I got rid of all my credit cards and now only use debit cards. Being positive and flexible can get you through tough times.”

After going to mediation with NCALL, her mortgage was modified and is now at an affordable 4% interest rate, decreasing her payment over $120 per month. Saving her home has provided her with a great sense of relief.

“Solving this problem has really taken a huge burden off me. I didn’t want my (adult) daughter to be stuck with me and her brother and I didn’t want to us to wind up homeless, or split up. Now I can move onto to other goals!”

Eva’s other goals include making an impact on her community. She is planning to host a fashion show, showcasing styles and trends over various decades, to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The foreclosure prevention process is not a quick one. After working with more than 800 households this year, NCALL has over 400 families waiting for loan modifications from their servicer. For many, perseverance can pay off.

Foreclosure Prevention

NCALL offers a lifeline to households caught in this country's foreclosure crisis by offering default and foreclosure prevention counseling.

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