2012 Housing Counseling Success Story

When the house that Elisa was living in with family was being sold, a friend recommended that she purchase her own home.

According to Elisa, “I never thought in a million years that owning my home would be a possibility. In my mind, I thought you had to earn a lot of money. As a single woman raising two kids, it didn’t seem possible.”

But, a co-worker recommended that she come to NCALL to learn more about homeownership and the home buying process.

She took his advice and signed up for NCALL’s Preparing for Homeownership class. Meeting with NCALL was a very positive step for Elisa. “I felt really empowered. The initial meeting with my counselor was exceptional, and after the first workshop I was floored! I thought that I really could do this!”

“I have heard that buying a home can really be a nightmare, but NCALL’s program is laid out step-by-step and they provided such positive motivation. I just kept taking baby steps.”

Housing Counseling Success Stories

After a few months of preparation, Elisa began to search for a home for her family. She didn’t even tell her children, daughter 16 and son 13, of her plans to purchase a home because she didn’t want to disappoint them if it didn’t work out.

“I had my heart set on a certain home. It was in the same school district and it needed a bit of work. I felt very comfortable with the price.”

By the time she made an offer it was no longer on the market and Elisa was crushed. She kept up her search, but couldn’t forget that original house. Weeks later the Realtor called with exciting news that the house she loved was back on the market.

Elisa jumped at the chance to put an offer in and it was accepted. Moving into their new home was a very happy day for the family.

“The kids were so excited! They have their own rooms now and their own space. My kids have a backyard to play and it’s in a nice area where they can ride their bikes to the park. My favorite part of the home is that it belongs to us. There is real freedom in ownership!”

Elisa feels that she is in a very affordable situation. “I am spending less now than I was on a two bedroom rental....and we have three bedrooms, a backyard, a front yard, porch and garage. It’s amazing!”

Elisa is grateful for NCALL and her housing counselor. “My counselor was amazing. If I had a question, her response was always timely, I don’t know how she does it. I really admire her!

Housing Counseling

NCALL's homeownership counseling helps households become mortgage-ready for conventional financing and special federal financing programs, such as FHA, VA, and Rural Development Section 502 mortgage loans.

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