2013 Financial Education Success Story

Financial education empowers people to take control of their finances rather than being controlled by them. NCALL’s innovative $tand by ME initiative, through the Delaware Financial Empowerment Partnership and United Way of Delaware, provides financial coaching opportunities at venues throughout Kent and Sussex Counties.

The coaching enables people to establish their goal and work towards it using resources provided through their NCALL/$tand by ME coach. This service is free to all Delaware residents regardless of age or income.

These services are now available at Dover Downs, Del Tech Terry Campus, Handy Tube, Wilmington University and Delaware State Housing Authority public housing sites.

Our newest venues include child care centers located throughout Kent and Sussex Counties for their employees and parents, as well as Dover Air Force Base employees and their families.

2013 Financial Education Success Story

An employee of Dover Downs, Waldemar heard about NCALL’s services through his employer. He had come to the United States from Puerto Rico three years earlier with the dream of a better life for his family.

According to Waldemar, “I went to see NCALL after hearing about the $tand by ME program. I really wanted to work on my credit. My coach was so helpful. He gave me advice on everything. He took the time to explain things to both my wife and I. We went through the class on how to save money and learned so much.”

With NCALL’s help, Waldemar was able to settle and pay off some debts and get them cleared from his credit report. After participating in the $tand by ME program, Waldemar and his wife went on to attend NCALL’s Homebuyer Education program.

Then, in November they purchased their own home. Now that they are used to budgeting, they feel like their mortgage payment is very comfortable. “I always wanted to own my own home and I thought I could do it someday...but not that fast! I love our new home. We were able to purchase a brand new two-story home with a basement at a great price. I got my dream home!”

Waldemar reports that his kids love their new house also because they each have their own room.

“Homeownership is amazing! I don’t have to worry about making too much noise, like you do in an apartment. It’s so peaceful here. I just love having my own space!”

Now Waldemar encourages his friends to take advantage of NCALL’s services. “NCALL worked really hard for me. I am so happy with them. I recommend the organization to my friends. I tell them, ‘Get over there, it’s free! It’s not going to be easy, but it’s so worth it in the end!’

Financial Education

NCALL offers money management assistance through $tand by ME® financial coaching at various employment centers and higher education sites.

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