2013 Foreclosure Prevention Success Story

Foreclosure signs are still far too common in Delaware. According to Realty Trac, as of November 2013, Delaware has the second highest rate of foreclosure. The national average is 1 in every 1,155 homeowners, for Delaware it’s 1 in every 480. But, NCALL is working hard to keep them to a minimum.

It takes a number of remedies to assist families in saving their homes when possible. Whether it be mediation, loan modifications, the Delaware Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (DEMAP) for hardships and improved money management, NCALL foreclosure prevention specialists are on call.

Teresa was shocked when the company that she had worked as a dedicated customer service employee for 30 years went out of business. Several of the employees, including Teresa, tried to form a new company. That business did not succeed and Teresa struggled to find permanent employment elsewhere. She went from job to job before she found a new career at a funeral home.

When she was unemployed, her ability to pay her bills suffered. She tried to work with her mortgage company to modify her payments, but that took time and more paperwork than she could have ever imagined. She started worrying that she may lose her home.

When talking to a friend about her troubles, they recommended that she contact NCALL. She did so and signed up for a Foreclosure Prevention class as soon as she could.

“By the time I came to NCALL, I really was at the end of my rope.”
Teresa worked with her counselor to find a solution to her problem. She was approved for the DEMAP program. This assistance paid her back payments and she now has a reduced mortgage payment for a period of time while DSHA pays the difference. She was very relieved to be able keep her home.

“My home means the world to me. It is the house I grew up in. Now that my parents are gone it really reminds me of them. I couldn’t imagine losing it.”

Her advice for others in this situation, “When you see yourself falling behind, get help early. Put pride out of the way and don’t give up. I was usually the one that always provided help to others, it was hard to ask for it. But I can’t say enough positive things about NCALL. My counselor went way beyond what I expected. The whole staff was so caring!”

Foreclosure Prevention

NCALL offers a lifeline to households caught in this country's foreclosure crisis by offering default and foreclosure prevention counseling.

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