2013 Housing Counseling Success Story

The road to homeownership is not always a short or smooth one. It wasn’t for Deshay.

She came to NCALL five years ago. Deshay shares, “I came to NCALL with a few of my girlfriends. One of them had suggested that we come check out what NCALL had to offer. My credit was terrible. I didn’t think I could ever be a homeowner.”

She met with a Homeownership Specialist at NCALL and took steps to improve her situation. “I couldn’t see how homeownership was ever going to be possible for me. I still went to NCALL for my appointments, but in my heart, I doubted. My counselor wasn’t going to let me give up. She’s like family to me now.”

Throughout her journey, Deshay had to make changes in her life and learn to do things differently. She filed for bankruptcy and then began budgeting and saving. “I learned so much rom NCALL. I learned to stop living beyond my means, to budget and the importance of paying my bills on time. I understand insurance now and how to save.”

2013 Housing Counseling Success Story

In July, all of Deshay’s hard work paid off and she bought her own home in Dover, DE. “This was such a huge accomplishment! I had my daughter at age 19. Since then I always wanted a home for her and me. There were times over the years when I really thought it couldn’t be done. Now it feels so good! I have a skylight in my home and every day I look through it and say, thank you Lord!”

Deshay liked her experience with NCALL so much she often encourages her friends and relatives to try out our services. One such relative was her cousin, Shemika. She bought her home in June of this year.

According to Shemika, “NCALL staff was always so welcoming and encouraging. My counselor went above and beyond the call for me. She really stayed on top of me and made sure that I got through the process and I did! The credit counseling portion was the most important for me and my counselor made sure I never gave up.”

After years of renting, Shemika shared “I just wanted to be my own landlord. I wanted to pay my own mortgage instead of someone else's. Now I have my own home and I am not paying much more than I was in rent.”

Shemika has advice for others considering owning their own home, “Tell them to go for it...there is nothing like homeownership. It’s the best feeling in the world!”

Housing Counseling

NCALL's homeownership counseling helps households become mortgage-ready for conventional financing and special federal financing programs, such as FHA, VA, and Rural Development Section 502 mortgage loans.

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