2013 Housing Development Success Story

According to, the average rent paid in Middletown, DE is $947. To be able to afford that rent, a household’s income would need to be at least $38,000. This means that most apartments are out of reach for moderate to low-income families.

There is a rental community in Middletown which is more affordable to the residents that live there...that is North Lake Village. This rental community consists of six buildings that contain 52 apartments of varying size, ranging from one to four-bedroom, and a community center.

This development receives HUD and USDA rental assistance. This allows apartment residents to pay rents based on their income, making this an affordable option for many residents in the Middletown area. This assistance was in jeopardy a few years ago when the property was in need of substantial upgrades and modernization to maintain their status to continue receiving rental assistance.

The owner could not acquire the necessary financing to provide for the renovations. NCALL assisted them in reviewing their options and extended an offer to Milford Housing Development Corporation (MHDC) to help. Ownership was transferred to MHDC and NCALL packaged the necessary financing applications, including Delaware Low Income Housing Tax Credit and Housing Development Fund/HOME.

2013 Housing Development Success Story

Assistance was also provided in packaging the rollover of the USDA mortgage as well as the continuation of rental assistance from USDA and HUD. These applications were approved and the renovations began in December of 2012.

The renovations included preservation of the six apartment buildings, a community building and the grounds. All buildings had a complete interior and exterior renovation, including new exterior façades, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and new appliances. The playground was upgraded and made handicapped accessible.

An exercise path with workout stations was also added to provide more outside activity for the residents. The previous community building was expanded from 400 to 1500 square feet. It now houses a community room and computer station along with larger laundry facilities and a property management office. The community room will enable residents to enjoy a variety of activities and services that will improve their quality of life.

By November of 2013, the project was complete. According to Russell Huxtable, MHDC’s Vice President, “With the growth in population in the Middletown area, there is a shortage of rental properties. The ability to preserve these units was critical.”

Throughout the project, NCALL worked with MHDC to provide assistance on all aspects of development. “It was nice to lean on NCALL’s Housing Development Specialists. We really appreciated their support.”

MHDC and NCALL assembled a development team which included the Hudson Housing Capital Group, who provided the equity for this project, Fisher Architecture and U & I Builders. USDA Rural Development and DSHA are providing permanent financing for this development.

The redesigned and energy efficient apartments will serve families well for many years to come. The rental assistance has been preserved and the units will remain affordable. MHDC has the capacity and experience to make sure that North Lake Village is maintained as quality, affordable housing for the long term, benefitting hundreds of residents.

Housing Development

NCALL's housing development team provides its expertise to nonprofit organizations seeking to develop and/or preserve affordable housing that serves low-income families, the elderly, and farmworkers.

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