2013 Loan Fund Success Story

Since 2008, Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing (DIMH) has provided shelter for nearly 1,000 homeless men. Now they want to expand their services to have options for transitional and permanent housing.

According to Jeanine Kleimo, Chair of DIMH, “The average stay in our shelter is 80 days. That’s not enough time to get permanently on your feet after being homeless. A lot of our clients are dealing with difficulties that can make it hard for them to find housing, even when they have found employment. Rent in our area is high and these men need more support.”

At their homeless shelter, DIMH offers meals, employment counseling, and job readiness classes. But it is still difficult for the men to leave this environment and transition to renting a market-rate apartment. That is why DIMH wants to offer varying levels of support and housing options.

“Their income potential is very limited and these men can be challenging to house due to criminal history, no or poor credit and learning disabilities. It can be difficult for them to achieve the stability they need to move on with their lives. A permanent housing option will now be located in the new Walt Bagley Hall which is a 32-bed residence that will be in service early 2014. The cost to purchase this building was $700,000.

2013 Loan Fund Success Story

DIMH used a combination of seller-based financing, donations and a loan from NCALL’s Loan Fund. In addition to the cost of purchasing the building, renovations were needed. The improvements included additions to the water and sprinkler systems; a commercial kitchen installation; interior remodeling and providing furniture and equipment for the common areas and rooms. The first floor was also made handicapped accessible.

According to Jeanine, “Projects like this are costly. The seller was willing to work with us and supportive of the project, but he needed some influx of capital at the sale of the building.” As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), NCALL provided DIMH with $100,000 for the purchase and $100,000 for renovations.

“We needed a friendly lender. We didn’t have access to other financing for those purposes. NCALL was willing to provide the loan and take a second position lien on the property. No other lenders were willing to do that. Working with NCALL is such a collaborative effort. They want to do everything possible to make the deal happen.”

NCALL is looking forward to continuing the partnership with DIMH and helping them to grow as an organization. A third loan from NCALL is now assisting DIMH with their latest project of acquiring and developing housing opportunities in downtown Dover.

Loan Fund

NCALL is a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), certified by the U.S. Department of Treasury, and its Loan Fund has been providing community development lending opportunities and financial services primarily to nonprofit borrowers throughout the Delmarva Peninsula since 2004.

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