2014 Financial Education Success Story

Financial education empowers people to take control of their finances rather than being controlled by them. NCALL’s innovative $tand by ME initiative, through the Delaware Financial Empowerment Partnership, provides financial coaching opportunities. The coaching enables people to establish their goal and work towards it using resources provided through their coach. This program is free to all Delaware residents regardless of age or income.

This service is now available at a variety of locations in Kent and Sussex Counties including Dover Downs, Del Tech Terry Campus, Wilmington University, Delaware State Housing Authority public housing sites and local child care centers. NCALL’s most recent venue is the Dover Air Force Base (DAFB) for employees and their families.

In order to more specifically assist military personnel, NCALL counselors became trained by Boots Across America. This national certification course provides the tools and knowledge needed to effectively work with military borrowers. NCALL is pleased to have two certified graduates of this program on staff.

Financial Education

After hearing about NCALL’s services, Senior Master Sergeant Jennifer Klink loved the idea of bringing the classes to the base. She thought NCALL’s $tand by ME program would be a great addition to the base’s Airmen Family Readiness Program. “Banking isn’t the same as it once was; a lot of servicemen live by their debit card. They can end up spending more money than they have if they aren’t keeping track. It’s easier now to get into trouble financially.”

According to SMSgt Klink, “The classes are popular. The series of four classes is offered one per month and each class has 15-30 attendees. It’s great seeing how NCALL breaks it down for them…. This information is going to keep a lot of young airmen out of trouble.”

First Lieutenant Martin heard about $tand by ME while signing up for classes offered at the base. He and his wife are new to the Dover area, moving here recently from Nebraska. After a change in careers, from the Army to the Air Force, Martin wanted to develop a budget that he could use for his family.

According to Martin, “The classes were very helpful. They give insight and make you responsible for your own finances.”

He now has goals and the knowledge to obtain them. “I am in the process of becoming debt free. I want to pay off my student loans and create an emergency fund. Becoming more financially stable is very important, then I can focus on buying a home.” NCALL’s DAFB Counselor has military experience which Martin found helpful. “My counselor has a solid background and understood our pay issues.”

Martin recommends NCALL’s program to others. “It’s a nice program. You have to apply what your taught...and do your part, but they make it very clear.”

Financial Education

NCALL offers money management assistance through $tand by ME® financial coaching at various employment centers and higher education sites.

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