2014 Foreclosure Prevention Success Story

Foreclosure signs are still far too common in Delaware. According to Realty Trac, as of December 2014, Delaware has the 6th highest rate of foreclosure in the nation. The national average is 1 in every 1,153 homeowners; for Delaware it’s 1 in every 826. In Kent County, it’s even higher with 1 in 622 facing foreclosure.

NCALL is working hard to keep them to a minimum. It takes a number of remedies to assist families in saving their homes when possible. Whether it be assisting with mediation, loan modifications or the Delaware Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (DEMAP) for hardships as well as improved money management, NCALL specialists are on call.

For Ashley, 2014 began on a much more positive note than 2013. That year, Ashley was convinced that she was going to lose her home. After working for Verizon for several years, Ashley lost her job in 2011.

She has had jobs since then and now works for Amazon, but there was a time when she couldn’t make her mortgage payments. According to Ashley, she spent three years trying to get a modification from her mortgage company. She kept having to send the same paperwork in over and over.

Foreclosure Prevention

She was getting nowhere.

Ashley was sure she was going to lose her home. “My biggest fear throughout that whole process was, where was I going to go?” She was also concerned for her mother, who lives with her, and her horses. “I am an animal lover. I have had one of my horses for over 10 years. I couldn’t get rid of them, but I didn’t know where we were going to end up. I cried a lot.”

Ashley gave up hope and called a Realtor. She thought a short sale was her only option. The Realtor suggested that she call NCALL. She did.

After a few months of working with one of NCALL’s Foreclosure Prevention Specialists, Ashley got a modification approved for her mortgage. She is back to making payments that she thinks are affordable.

“My counselor at NCALL made the process so easy and stress free. She went over everything I needed to do and what she could do. Everything I learned in the class about mortgages was helpful. It was all new information to me.”

“The staff at NCALL are the nicest people to talk to.” Her advice to others in that situation, “Don’t get discouraged; there’s always hope. Call NCALL!”

Foreclosure Prevention

NCALL offers a lifeline to households caught in this country's foreclosure crisis by offering default and foreclosure prevention counseling.

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