2014 Foreclosure Prevention Success Story

For Pat, the third time was the charm working with NCALL. She had been in contact with the agency at various times over the past 14 years. In 2000, she heard about our services for the first time and came to a homeownership education workshop. She says that she just wasn’t ready for homeownership then. The same thing happened in 2008.

In 2013, something changed for Pat. She began to believe that homeownership was indeed possible for her….and she wanted it. She saw a model home in a new neighborhood and began to dream of her future in that house. She called NCALL again and began the process in earnest and with determination.

With NCALL’s help, Pat began working on clearing up her credit and learning about homeownership and the home buying process.

“NCALL takes it step-by-step. There is so much to learn, but the counselors at NCALL listen and had all the answers to my questions. They were there for me during the whole process.”

This summer Pat bought her dream house in that neighborhood where her journey began. According to Pat, the feeling of having her own home is remarkable.

“Now I can say this home is mine...completely, and I am debt free. Every day when I come home, it’s a good feeling….to know that I own this home. It’s hard to believe, but I enjoy making my mortgage payment.” Pat also has enough space in her new home for her son and his family, including her first grandchild (shown in the photo with Pat on the right).

After being a lifelong renter, Pat was tired of plain white walls. “I love HGTV and soon will start painting and decorating. People always said that if you had an apartment you wouldn’t have to worry...someone else would take care of the maintenance and problems. But homeownership feels like freedom.”

Housing Counseling 2014 Success Story

Pat has advice for others considering owning their own home, “Honestly, I would say to stick with it. Don’t listen to the naysayers. If you want something bad enough, you can do it! Just listen to NCALL and stick to the process. They will get you there!”

Pat even inspired NCALL Staff with her determination. According to her counselor, “She never gave up and always stayed in contact, with updates of her progress and desire to someday be a homeowner. Pat’s story can be anyone’s story if they have the dream and desire to become a homeowner.”

Housing Counseling

NCALL's homeownership counseling helps households become mortgage-ready for conventional financing and special federal financing programs, such as FHA, VA, and Rural Development Section 502 mortgage loans.

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