2015 Financial Education Success Story

This service is now available at a variety of locations in Kent and Sussex Counties including Dover Downs, Del Tech Terry Campus, Wilmington University, Delaware State Housing Authority, Dover Air Force Base, public housing sites and local child care centers.

“I tell everyone to go to NCALL. They are so knowledgeable. Everyone there is awesome and they treat you like family!” JaToya, Customer

Financial coaching empowers people to take control of their finances rather than being controlled by them. NCALL’s innovative $tand by ME initiative, through the Delaware Financial Empowerment Partnership, provides financial coaching opportunities. The coaching enables people to establish their goal and work towards it using resources provided through their coach. This program is free to all Delaware residents regardless of age or income.

“I spoke with my NCALL coach many times over the last several years—probably once a month. I checked in for advice and to keep myself on track.” Another resource she took advantage of was spending tracker books that are used by the counselors. “You can always improve upon your spending habits. I have made a lot of adjustments over the last several years. Now I can save for emergencies.”

Housing Development Success Story

As a resident of public housing in 2011, JaToya was required to attend financial counseling through the Moving to Work program with the Delaware State Housing Authority. She attended the Stand by ME classes and learned a lot about her own finances. She began to take control of them and have goals for her future. She had to start from ground zero and NCALL helped her to file for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was discharged at the end of 2012 and within four months of that she was able to purchase a car for her family. “I’ve always been an optimistic person, but I was surprised when my financial coach said that I could be a homeowner. She told me it would be possible, but not easy. That didn’t scare me. When I set a goal, I accomplish it. I knew I would get there someday.”

JaToya was surprised how soon it did happen. She came back to NCALL in 2014 to attend homeownership counseling. At the opening session, she heard about several different first time homebuyer and other affordable housing programs. With NCALL’s help, she applied for a home with Habitat for Humanity of Central Delaware. She was thrilled to find out that she was selected to participate. She had to put in at least 150 hours in building and other community service, but thinks she got way more than that. “My family really came through for me. My support system is way bigger than I thought!”

JaToya is now a proud homeowner. Her favorite thing about her house is that it’s really hers. “I don’t have to worry about my kids (aged 5 & 11) smudging the walls. We were also able to get a dog...the cutest puppy ever and we love him so much. I tell everyone to go to NCALL. They are so knowledgeable. Everyone there is awesome and they treat you like family!”

Financial Education

NCALL offers money management assistance through $tand by ME® financial coaching at various employment centers and higher education sites.

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