2015 Financial Education Success Story

“The workshops are phenomenal! They cover a lot of topics and guide you how to pay down your debts.” Dorothy, Homeowner

Dorothy and her mother Eular Mae (101) are proud new homeowners, proving that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams and better your life. After residing in a mobile home in Delaware for eleven years, a 2014 trip to Kohl’s inspired Dorothy’s desire to be a homeowner.

Dorothy was offered an opportunity to apply for a Kohl's charge card in order to save money on her purchase. She decided to apply for the card and was declined. Getting declined for a credit card had a profound impact on Dorothy. She had good credit and didn't understand why the negative decision was made. She had to find out.

What she discovered was surprising to her. She found out that her mobile home did not count as a mortgage loan in the eyes of the credit bureau, but as a consumer loan. That difference had an effect on her credit score, and made her think about the other negative repercussions of her current housing. She had to continue to pay ground rent forever. That money was not going toward her future, it was lining someone else's pockets. She decided she needed to make a change. Her cousin recommended NCALL to her and she called us in 2014.

Dorothy attended a homeownership education seminar and put her mobile home up for sale while she looked for new housing. She found those sessions with NCALL very helpful. “The workshops are phenomenal! They cover a lot of topics and guide you how to pay down your debts. I learned a lot about saving and paying off debts. I like clothes...but you have to be disciplined and be willing to sacrifice when you are trying to achieve your dream.”

Dorothy also discovered that she qualified for first time homebuyer incentives. After being a previous homeowner in Maryland, she was surprised that she and her mother still qualified for Delaware assistance.

Her mobile home was on the market for a year when it finally sold in September 2014. She and her mom then relocated temporarily until they found a home to call their own. “We were looking for a community for those aged 55 and up. It took us a while to find the right place.”

They moved into their new home in January of 2015. This over-55 development, Longacre Village, seems to suit them very well. “My favorite part is the screened in porch. I also love the neighbors and neighborhood! It's so peaceful and has a clubhouse.” Her mother was excited to move in too. “She loves that it's all one level...and she knows this is home."

Dorothy has some advice to share with other hopeful homeowners, “Don’t give up on your dream of owning a home. You have to be disciplined and be willing to sacrifice, but there are programs that can help. Also, check your credit regularly. If you maintain your credit, you can get anything you want!” She was also pretty clear where others should go for assistance, “Give NCALL a call! They were awesome and phenomenal!”

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