2016 Financial Education Success Story

Financial coaching empowers people to take control of their finances rather than being controlled by them. NCALL's innovative $tand by ME initiative, through the Delaware Financial Empowerment Partnership, provides financial coaching opportunities. The coaching enables people to establish their goal and work towards it using resources provided through their coach. This program is free to all Delaware residents regardless of age or income.

This service is now available at a variety of locations in Kent an Sussex Counties including Dover Downs, DelTech Terry Campus, Wilmington University, Dover Air Force Base, and Delaware State Housing Authority's public housing sites.

“I learned how to save money, even on a limited budget. It's great that there is a nonprofit whose mission is to help you with your finances!

- Un, Customer

Un is a full time student at Del Tech and works a full time job at Amazon as well. She is originally from South Korea, but has been in the United States for many years. She hopes to become a US citizen this summer. Her dream is to be an accountant and she is working hard to make that dream a reality. Some day, she also wants to purchase her own home. To make those dreams come true, she needs to work on improving her finances. She saw a $tand by ME sign on the campus of Del Tech and stopped in to ask about getting assistance in filing her income taxes. When she visited our office, she discussed her goals and situation with a NCALL financial coach. The coach suggested that she attend one of the Mind Over Money classes.

She attended the class and says she learned so much. "I learned how to save money, even on a limited budget. She showed me how to make small changes that led to savings. "Un says she learned about opening bank accounts too, and protecting yourself from excessive fees. "I also learned a lot about credit. I knew it was important to have a good score, but I didn't know how to make that happen. I now understand how important it is to pay off your bills and pay things on time."

"I have made changes in my habits. I think twice before I spend money now. "She says it's the little things that can make a big difference. "I now make coffee at home, instead of buying it out every day. Things like that can really add up." In addition to attending our Mind Over Money classes, NCALL assisted Un to file her income taxes and apply for financial aid so she can continue her education. Un says that working with NCALL was a great experience. "My coach was so helpful. She was very professional and intelligent. I would recommend NCALL's services to anyone. It's great that there is a nonprofit out there whose mission is to help you with your finances."