2016 Restoring Central Dover Milestones

RCD Milestones Completed in FY 2016

The following examples of the many milestones completed in FY 2016:

  • Engaged 903 residents and volunteers in community building activities.
  • Held a resident-led Community Fair in June with over 500 participants with many partners.
  • Supported community dinners promoting a farm-to-table, healthy eating and living concept.
  • New homeownership opportunities (5 built and 4 under construction) are being made available by Habitat, NCALL, and MHDC.
  • They City of Dover Police re-established the Police Athletic League fro Dover's youth.
  • Awarded $43,000 in grants to RCD work groups to seed community projects.
  • NCALL provided financial education workshops to RCD residents.
  • NCALL and the City of Dover funded new street lights on S. New St. serving a residential area adjacent to the commercial corridor.
  • Launched RCD eNewsletter featuring events, announcements, and opportunities to inform residents.
  • Two community outreach centers in Central Dover area have expanded youth programming.
  • Play Streets events were held during the summer with 75 youth participating in safe recreation.
  • Hosted a workshop for landlords within the RCD area to share the ision and to educate about resources to improve their properties.
  • Planning is underway for mural sites and a community garden.
  • Launched an emergency assistance program to help people remain in their homes.
  • JPMorganChase awarded NCALL a $275,000 grant in support of RCD and downtown revitalization.

About Restoring Central Dover

Restoring Central Dover (RCD) is a comprehensive community development effort led by NCALL and a Steering Committee comprised of over 20 different organizations, including nonprofits, churches, government agencies, businesses, institutions, and residents. Utilizing a Wells Fargo Regional Foundation planning grant, the RCD Plan was completed and adopted in 2014, identifying numerous strategies to address deterioration in downtown neighborhoods and economic revitalization o the business district. See the Executive Summary and Plan.

Restoring Central Dover was instrumental in the City receiving Downtown Development District designation from the state in 2015 providing access to resources designed to stabilize communities, stimuate private capital investment, and improve job growth and commercial vitality

NCALL was awarded $750,000 for a 5-year implementation grant from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation. Six work groups (Housing, Resident Engagement, Safety, Youth and Adult Services, Economic Development, and Transportation and Infrastructure) were organized to work on implementation tasks from the plan. The steering committee and work groups meet monthly on implementation projects and seeking resources for Central Dover.

"Revitalizing an area is a long-haul mission that requires more than just the city's workforce and budget, and more than the work of private agencies. This is where NCALL and Restoring Central Dover enter the picture. Restoring Central Dover provides the sorely needed follow-through work that other efforts have lacked."

- Kate Layton, Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization