2017 Homeownership Education Success Story

Justin and his family knew at the beginning of 2017 that they were ready to buy their first home. They had always been renters, but they wanted to change that ever since the birth of their son three years ago. It was time to see their rent money go towards an investment in the future instead. They had afforded a two-bedroom, two bathroom apartment for $975 a month, and were confident that was enough to cover the cost of a mortgage. They didn't want anything too big, just large enough for the three of them. It was time to find their family's forever home.

When it came to knowing what they wanted, that was easy. The new home needed enough space for their three-year-old son to play. It needed a kitchen with enough counter space to cook meals together and enough cabinet space to fit all of the kitchen supplies they had accumulated over the years. They wanted three bedrooms, so there would be one extra to use for a guest room or office. Lastly, they wanted a dining room so they could eat together as a family. These were all the things they dreamt about when picturing the home where their son would grow up.

After searching online for a couple of months and walking through multiple homes, they still had not found a home that fulfilled their wish list. There were plenty of homes with one, two or three things on the list, but the homes that seemed to have everything were either too big or too expensive. Then, the NCALL house appeared in the listings. They knew of NCALL as a housing counseling agency; Justin's brother had told them about the program three years earlier when he had been in the process of buying a home.

They fell in love with the home at first sight. The appliances were new, it felt spacious, and most of all it had everything they wanted. Their realtor suggested they make an offer if they were serious because, with the many benefits and assistance that came along with this house, it wouldn't last on the market for long. They put the offer in the following Monday and it was promptly accepted.

As a requirement of purchasing a home through NCALL, they went through our homeownership counseling and an all day workshop and are so glad they did. Justin says, "It felt like NCALL really cared about us and wanted us to succeed. It was interesting to go through the program. Since it was our first time buying a house, we didn't know anything. We contacted them whenever we had questions about filling out paperwork."

Now, six months later, he still feels he found everything he wanted. His son's favorite place is the living room. "It's really big, and he has lots of space to play and run around, " says Justin. He is proud to say, "This is the home where my son will grow up." The neighbors are also really nice, and it's the responsibility of each of us to make Central Dover a beautiful place to live. If each of us does our part, it will be a beautiful city."