2018 Homeownership Education Success Story

Cynthia had always been a renter. As a single mother of two, who then adopted another child and had a grandson, she started thinking that she wanted more space and something to pass down to her kids. She knew her credit and the way she managed her finances would need to change to be able to take such a step. When someone at her workplace suggested that she contact NCALL, she made an appointment that would change her future.

She started coming to classes and appointments and working on her budget in 2011. “I learned how to budget and worked to improve my credit. I knew that if I didn’t have those things right, the other stuff wouldn’t fall in line.” She had a few health challenges and set backs that delayed her, but being a “true believer,” Cynthia says she had faith. Slowly, things began to turn around.

Another constant companion during this process was her sister, Celestine. When they started this process, they assumed they would buy a home together. As they made progress, they realized that they could each buy their own home and in the fall of 2018, they both did. “I had always lived in a rental situation my whole life, and I dreaded making those payments. Now I get a joyful feeling when I pay my mortgage. It’s different because you know it’s yours.”

“If I had to rate NCALL from 1-10, I would give them 100! The people there are so welcoming. My counselor was very caring and knowledgeable. If not for NCALL I wouldn’t have done this,” says Cynthia. There was much to learn and NCALL was there every step of the way. She shared that she wasn’t sure how much of a home she could afford and NCALL helped explain how to make that decision. She feels like she is in a great home with an affordable payment now.

Her favorite thing about her new house is that she has space to entertain her family. “I love cooking and hosting family gatherings and I couldn’t do big dinners before. Now I can!”

She also loves that her guests feel comfortable in her new place. “It feels so homey, everyone loves coming here. I have four grandchildren of my own and eight other kids that call me nana. They come over all the time and play in the playground behind my house. There is a lot more family bonding now!”

Her advice for others thinking about calling NCALL? “Don’t wait. Call them. You will feel like you are talking to family.”