2019 Homeownership Education Success Story

Julian and Turquoise are the 9,000th family that NCALL has assisted in the journey of homeownership. They are proof that with hard work and strong faith, dreams can come true. The couple was living in a small apartment in Newark. They wanted to buy a home, but didn’t know where to begin. After researching online, they found NCALL and attended a homeownership orientation in February 2018 in NCALL’s New Castle County office.

After an orientation session, households meet with a counselor one-on-one to review their credit and financial situation so they can determine how ready they are to become a homeowner and what steps they need to take to qualify for a mortgage.

These steps can include reducing debt, cleaning up their credit, learning how to budget, and becoming educated about the home buying process. NCALL offers households an impartial view of the options available for buying a home. Attendees become educated consumers and are empowered to make informed decisions about their housing future.

Turquoise said their counselor was extremely knowledgeable. She reviewed their finances and taught them how to budget and save. “Our counselor doesn’t play, and she’s on top of everything. She has a very maternal persona, which is why Julian and I naturally gravitated towards her,” Turquoise said. “She’s amazing at her job, and is well-respected by professionals outside of NCALL as well.”

The couple listened and followed through on everything their counselor instructed them to do. It resulted in them purchasing their first home. Turquoise said it’s the perfect starter home and described it as very serene, peaceful, and quiet.

The house has two bedrooms, two and a half baths, a finished basement, an updated kitchen, and a spacious backyard complete with a deck.

As soon as they were handed the keys, the couple added their own creative touch, something they could never do in a rental. “Julian updated our cabinets. He painted them, and applied new doorknobs,” Turquoise said. “He also painted our master bedroom, which has a vaulted ceiling, and its very own bathroom. Our room is nice and airy!”

The day they bought the house, this couple had a true fairy tale ending. They invited friends and family over to see their new home, and while surrounded by their loved ones out back on the deck, Julian got down on one knee and proposed. Turquoise described the moment as love, tears, and joy flowing all around them.

Turquoise and Julian said they share with others about their great experience with NCALL. They said if someone is discouraged about the idea of becoming a homeowner they would tell them to stay positive. “It can be challenging, but you’re investing in yourself, and your future. The outcome is way greater,” Turquoise said. “Pray, and ask God to bless you with the home that he’s carved out specifically for you. Replace that discouragement with encouragement!”